Award of Excellence Past Winners


Alan N. Gent

University of Akron

for his outstanding contributions in establishing fracture energy criteria for adhesive failure and developing elegant test procedures based on those criteria


Edwin P. Plueddemann

Dow Corning

for creating the technology of silane coupling agents used for increased environmental durability of adhesive systems


Frederick M. Fowkes

Lehigh University

for fundamental understanding of and contributions to interfacial phenomena with particular reference to adhesion science


Willard D. Bascom

University of Utah

for pioneering research in many subfields of adhesive science, including wetting


John D. Venables

Martin Marietta

for contributions to our understanding of metal oxide morphology and chemistry with implications for adhesive bond durability


Anthony J. Kinloch

Imperial College

for his contributions in the application of fracture mechanics and surface science to the study of failure mechanisms in structural adhesive bonds


Louis H. Sharpe


for his recognition of the nature and significance of the interphase and for unparalleled leadership in the establishment of the archival literature in adhesion science


Lawrence T. Drzal

Michigan State University

for enhancing the understanding of adhesion phenomena in fiber-reinforced composites and for the development of methods to quantify these phenomena


Jacques Schultz

Centre des Nationale Recherches Scientific

for fundamental work in defining the relationship between wetting and surface energetics and the practical strength of adhesive bonds


Robert J. Good

SUNY Buffalo

for pioneering the theory of intermolecular forces across interfaces


Kevin Kendall

Keele University

for the development of a method and theory which allows the direct measurement of adhesion energies between materials and for the novel application of fracture mechanics to explain adhesion phenomena


F. James Boerio

University of Cincinnati

for the expansion of our knowledge of bonding at interfaces through the use of infrared spectroscopy and related techniques


Pierre-Gilles de Gennes

College de France

for his contribution to the understanding of molecular mechanisms of adhesion, especially through the notion of connector molecules


Hatsuo Ishida

Case Western Reserve University

for distinguished service as researcher, teacher and global activist for the benefit of adhesion and composite interface science


Kenneth L. Johnson

Cambridge University

for his seminal work in the science of contact mechanics and the influence of adhesion between solid surfaces


Jacob Israelachvili

University of California, Santa Barbara

for clarifying the molecular-level processes associated with adhesion, friction and lubrication and the relationships between them


A. Wilhelm Neumann

University of Toronto

for a lifetime of contributions to the understanding of surface thermodynamics and wettability, crucial to the science of adhesion


Manoj K. Chaudhury

Lehigh University

for exceptional creativity and ingenuity in research on adhesion and wetting and the development of simple methods to measure the strength of attraction between materials


Hugh Brown

University of Wollongong

for his exceptionally creative and diverse contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms of adhesion between polymers, including the effect of block copolymers on the fracture strength of polymer interfaces


Liliane Leger

University Paris – Sud Orsay

for her seminal contributions to the field of Adhesion Science and Tribology of soft materials


John Watts

University of Surrey

for the innovative application of surface analysis methods to study the interfacial chemistry of adhesion


Herbert J. Waite

University of California at Santa Barbara

for his groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of the relation-ship between chemistry and mechanics in bioadhesion


David A. Dillard

Virginia Tech

for exceptional insight, teaching, and Illuminating experimental investigations concerning the mechanics and durability of bonded systems


Chung Yuen (Herbert) Hui

Cornell University

for his meritorious and creative contributions to the application of Fracture Mechanics in understanding the problems of adhesion science


Wulff Possart

Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany

for excellence in the application of physics and chemistry methodologies to fundamental and applied research in adhesion science


Costantino Creton


for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of the mechanism of action of soft adhesives


Anand Jagota

LeHigh University

for excellence in the application of physics and chemistry methodologies to fundamental and applied research in adhesion science


Kenneth Liechti

University of Texas at Austin

for his contributions to our understanding of crack growth at material interfaces


Ken Shull

Northwestern University

for fundamental insight into the balance between surface functionality, polymer physics, and mechanics in adhesion


Tom McCarthy

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

for his pioneering research in elucidating mechanisms of surface chemistry and wetting of polymers

2018 Ray Pearson Lehigh University for his pioneering research in elucidating mechanisms of rubber toughening of polymers and structural adhesives
 2019 Al Crosby University of Massachusetts For his creative use of mechanics to understand adhesion phenomena of soft materials, and impactful contributions to the technology of adhesion and adhesives. 
 2020  Ali Dhinojwala  University of Akron  For Fundamental Studies in Adhesion and Friction using Sum-Frequency-Generation Spectroscopy



 Eduard Arzt  Leibniz Institute for New Materials For Seminal Contributions to Adhesion and Friction of Biomimetic Structured Soft Solids



 Bo Persson Reasearch Center Juelich and MultiscaleConsulting For his exceptional contributions to the understanding of the role of roughness on adhesion, friction, and contact mechanics.



 Michael Thouless  University of Michigan For his exceptional and deep contributions elucidating the mechanics of adhesion